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The Merideth farming tradition dates back to 1858. Merideth brothers, Charles and George, began breeding quality Shorthorn cattle in the late 1940s, which guided the foundation for Merideth Land & Cattle Company.


Established in 2012, Merideth Land & Cattle Company is a 600+ acre ranch owned and operated by Dr. Reuben Merideth, Rusty Merideth and Wanda Merideth.

The Merideth Land & Cattle Company breeding strategy involves integrating genetics from top-ranked EPD Shorthorn cattle through natural breeding and artificial insemination. Employing these techniques has allowed Merideth Land & Cattle Company to continually advance their product and provide their customers with top quality Shorthorn beef cattle.


Dr. Reuben Merideth
Rusty & Wanda Merideth

Offering some of the most select, quality Shorthorn genetics in the United States and Canada, we are devoted to continually improving the genetics of our herd in an effort to produce a unique Shorthorn breed with superior genetic traits that are sought after worldwide.

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